Septic Repair & Installation

Septic System

We are licensed to install, repair, and maintain all sewer systems. We also install waterlines, hydrants, and more.

Septic Tips:

  • Septic systems should be pumped every 1 to 3 years, depending on usage. Do not let your systems go for over 3 years without pumping.
  • Ask your pumping contractor to look over the components and clean off the pump and screens when they pump your tank. This will keep everything functioning properly.
  • Keep your drain field free of all traffic! If the area gets compacted your system will not work correctly and in turn will cost you money to fix it.
  • Almost all of the newly installed septic systems have alarms. If the alarm goes off it is crucial for you to have it looked at. Something is obviously wrong.
  • Don’t mow the grass over the soil treatment area in the Fall. The longer will act as a snow catch and will better insulate your system during the winter months.