Aggregate Sales

pit run

Pit Run

Pit Run or Gravel Borrow is a naturally occurring bank-run sand and gravel with a particle size ranging from 4” down to finer sands.

screened gravel

Screened gravel

Screened gravel undergoes a meticulous process, carefully sifting away any impurities to provide you with a clean and reliable aggregate. Renowned for its uniformity and consistency, this versatile material boasts a multitude of applications.

class 5 gravel

Class 5 Gravel

Seen on many township gravel roads, Class 5 gravel is commonly used for base under blacktop, and also used for road & driveway material.

clay fill

Clay Fill


1 inch crushed conrete

1" Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete is a great way to build driveways, pathways, garden beds and more using recycled material

1.5 inch crushed conrete

1.5" Crushed Concrete

1.5″ crushed concrete is a half inch larger than our smaller size; larger sizes offer more drainage????

oversized rock

Oversized Rock


undersized rock

Undersized Rock


patio rock

1.5" Patio Rock

This is a natural rock and the size may vary. It is excellent for a french drain, yard drainage, landscaping, rock gardens, edgings and more.

1.5 crushed natural

1.5": Crushed Rock Natural


pea rock

Pea Rock

Pea Gravel is high-quality, 3/8″ gravel great for filling in landscapes, making elegant pathways, and decorative projects.


Truck Sand


Black Dirt

Good Black Dirt


In addition to the aggregate products above, we have:

Box Culvert Rock
3/4″ Red Rock
1.5″ Red Rock
3/4″ Crushed Natural
7/8″ Crushed Natural
1.25″ Crushed Natural

We also have access to specialty products that you may be looking for.
Trucks are available for transportation and delivery.